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Our Company


Meyerink Farm Service, Inc. is a family-founded/owned business and employs around 40 people. 

We serve the agricultural and construction needs for those near and far. We offer everything in parts and service, along with new and used equipment sales.  Some of the items for sale include; land scrapers, truck boxes, mixer wagons, pallet forks, bale spears, push blades, ear corn feeders, feed bunks and free stalls; plus gates, fencing and other livestock related items.

A little history of MFS.  Our father Gerard actually started out in farming, he was a natural craftsmen and innovator, and soon began building gates for the local sale barn, plus repairing whatever area farmers brought to him, all while still farming. In 1977 we built a larger facility, out on the farm due to the higher demand.  As volume increased we outgrew that space and in 2002 we moved into our current facility, just on the outskirts of Platte. Our main shop is approximately 45,000 square foot.  Some of the equipment we use includes an 8' x 20' high definition plasma table, a 600-ton, 20-foot press brake for forming metal, several lathes, 20+ wire welders and overhead cranes.

Our father, Gerard, passed away in 2004, but the company still includes two generations of Meyerinks. Myself and son Jarod and Duane and his son Jaden. "We've been extremely blessed to be in a community with good employees and great customers," Duane says.

Below is a couple of our customer’s experiences:

Mark Burket of Platte Hospital talks about one of our more unusual projects. "About eight years ago we were building a new facility and one of our decisions was to build strong enough to accommodate a helipad on the roof. We didn't include that in the initial plans but as things progressed we began to look at implementing it. That's when we discovered there are only two companies in the US who build those things," he says. "Add to that we are very landlocked here, and the pricing and structure and everything involved to implement it looked impossible – totally beyond our ability to manage," Mark says. "I talked with Dave Meyerink and he said he thought we could make it work. So we hired a consultant and an engineer, all personally read a lot of F.A.A. manuals, worked with Meyerinks, and the result is just remarkable."  "When we kicked off the building we had one of the hospital choppers fly in and land, and I was able to go up inside with the pilot," Mark said. "I put the headphones on and he said, 'Wow, what a great helipad!' Before he left he told me, 'You know, this is the nicest helipad we land on, in the entire 5-state area we cover!'"

Local contractor and businessman Tyler Samuelson says, "They're a lifeline for us, and we attribute a ton of our business success to them. I started my business about nine years ago and I was young and didn't know where to go to get what I needed, and from the very first day they were helping me. In fact they got me my first tele-handler. "We do a lot of wintertime work in our shop, and those guys are always helping us get parts and supplies. If we run into an issue it seems like they drop everything they are doing just to help us out. They're seriously one of the best businesses in town for our community. I know a lot of other people here would agree with me that they're a good reason why we all succeed in

Tom Varilek is another customer who has stated, "There's three generations of Varileks and three generations of Meyerinks that have worked together, and we've done a lot of work," Tom says. "Our dads worked together and our generation works together, and now our kids do the same. They're good friends and great people. My Dad used to say 'if it can be fixed, Meyerinks can fix it.' And that's the truth."


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