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Tree Shears

Sidney Attachments available at Meyerink Farm Service. 

Shear Power, Shear Strength, Shear Speed

Looking for a reliable, rugged tree shear attachment for your skid steer, loader, or tractor? Sidney Attachment’s line of Tree Shears is specifically designed to pair up with your machine. With four versions available, our tree shears are the top choice for professional land managers, farmers, ranchers, and others who need to maintain large acreages and keep them clear of invasive trees and shrubs.

All Sidney Tree Shears rotate a minimum of 90-degrees with a flick of a switch from the safety and comfort of your machine’s cab. In addition to holding and moving downed trees, the shears are capable of cutting both horizontally and vertically. Our unique single blade design allows for predictability of falling trees. In almost all cases trees fall to the left, a feature owners of a hydraulic tree shear highly value because it makes clearing large stands of volunteer growth quick and easy.

The serrated teeth-edge design of Sidney’s Tree Shears provides a strong, grapple-like feature to pick up and remove debris, so you can cut and clear all with one attachment. These teeth also hold the tree securely during the cutting cycle, allowing 100% of the machine’s hydraulic power to focus on cutting the tree. The single-blade design lowers required maintenance and the cost of ownership.

Models For A Variety of Needs

Our TBL-1010 model is designed to shear trees up to 10-inch in diameter, and at just 655 pounds, is lightweight enough to couple with mini-excavators, stand-up or smaller skid steers, and lighter tractors or loaders.

Our newest addition, the Long Reach Tree Shear (XLR12UN) comes with a 7-foot extended reach and is designed to shear trees up to 12-inches in diameter with its state-of-the-art blade that slices instead of cuts.

For larger diameter trees or poles, our HTC-14 tree shear will cut through trees up to 14-inch diameter in seconds. The HTC-16 will cut through trees up to 16-inch diameter and has 20% more power—great for the toughest jobs.

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