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Mobile Barriers MBT-1

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Safety for Passing Traffic & Workers

Mobile Barriers MBT-1® is specifically designed to reduce work zone incursions (fore, aft and side) and increase safety for passing traffic & workers. Provides 42-102 feet (12-31 meters) of positive barrier protection with minimal deflection. Crash tested and accepted under NCHRP 350 and TL-2 and 3. 

Highly Mobile

Portable, self contained, and highly mobile, the MBT-1 drives quickly site-to-site with no special setup.


Outfitable with integrated power, message board, safety lighting, work lighting, TMA and other features. Surface decks and lockable storage areas can be used to carry tools, equipment, materials and supplies to and from the jobsite. 

Easily Reconfigurable

The MBT-1 can be used to provide protected areas to either the right or the left side of the road depending on which end of the trailer the semi-tractor is attached. MBT-1’s design enables easy visual inspection, repair, and modular replacement in the case of an incident.

Increasing Workzone Productivity

Simplifies the number of vehicles and equipment on-site. Standardizes power & lighting via onboard generator, ambient working conditions, and storage with 85,000 lbs (38500 kg) GVWR carry capacity. With less worker fatigue & delays, in some cases crews have reported producivity gains of 60%-80%. 

Federal Funding Available

Covered up to 90% with Federal Funding. HSIP, NHPP, STBGP, and FEMA Funds Available. 


Basic Configuration w/ 1 Wall Section

  • Modular 20 foot (6 meters) platforms (w/ ballast boxes, stands, decking, tie downs & hardware).
  • Modular 20 foot (6 meters) wall section (0-3 can be used).
  • Caboose (movable rear axle assembly).
  • Reconfigurable to the right or left (tractor & caboose attach at either end).
  • Accepted/Federal Aid Eligible under NCHRP 350 & MASH for TL-2 and TL-3 for use on the National Highway System

Common Options

  • Configurable from 42-102 feet (12-31 meters) (w/ 0-3 wall sections).
  • On-board power & power outlets (120/240V generator, 12/24V batteries & solar).
  • Work lights for night operations (long-lasting, high-lumen).
  • Message board (hydraulic lift, remote controlled).
  • TMA (TL-2 or TL-3).