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New and Improved Oil Tank.  We've replaced the previous oil tank with one that is larger capacity and a cleaner look.  The hydraulic pump has been moved outside the tank for easier maintenance and easier access to the relief valve.  The pump can be removed without removing the whole tank.  A sight glass was also added for a quick visual of the oil level.
The new tank system holds 5 gallons of oil and has an improved vented filler cap.

New Positive Lock for Infeed Auger.  We've replaced the clamp system with a locking pin and hole plate.

Convenient Bag Breaker.  This added bag breaker installed into the concentrate hopper easily swings back into a stowed position when not in use.

Mill Support and Air Flow Control.  A large spring was added to assist the operator in accessing the hammer mill area.  Also, an air control louvre was installed to control air flow from the mill area to the dust collector.

Redesigned Dust Collector.  The new dust collector system is effective and has the option of dumping the dust into the belly auger or onto the ground or into a container.

Extended Ladder.  A ladder extension was added for easier access from the ground level.  The photo shows the ladder when extended.  It can be raised and pinned when not in use.

Redesigned Hinge.  This new heavy duty hinge is used on folding extensions. 

Improved Lift and Swing.  The optional power lift and swing kit had been updated making disengagement easier.  Also, nylon wear rings have been installed for smooth operation.   

Mill Disconnect.  This option allows the operator to load, mix and unload the machine without doing any grinding.  The hydraulics and the mixing auger function normally when the pins are removed from the disconnect sleeve. 

Larger Top Door.  The door was made larger for ease of removing the mixing auger and tube. 

Flow Control Infeed.  The auger speed can be adjusted by the flow control valve  

Positive Lock.  The infeed auger rests in a heavy duty cradle with a positive lock for transport. 

Hitch Tie-Downs.  These loops make it easy to secure to a trailer for hauling, and also to attach safety chains for towing.  (Photo shows optional hitch for scale.)

Folding Extensions.  Optional folding extensions are available in several lengths. 

Optional Scale.  Measures weight, has features that include zeroing, gross-net-tare, memory, hold, and other features.

Easy Access Hopper.  The concentrate hopper is large and very accessible.


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